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Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Maintenance

ANTHE Appliance Maintenance provides unlimited worldwide technical support, latest software upgrades and replacement of malfunctioning appliances to keep yourANTHE hardware running optimally.

ANTHE Appliance Maintenance helps mitigate risk and protect your ANTHE environment. Comprehensive support services are essential to ensure high availability and top performance of all ANTHE infrastructure components throughout their lifecycle. ANTHE Appliance Maintenance enables you to effectively and efficiently deploy and administer your ANTHE networking environment, regardless of your organization’s size or complexity. This allows you to achieve the greatest returns from your ANTHE investment.

 ANTHE Support is an extension of our team and we rely on them to provide us with many answers to all of the ANTHE products…in our production as well as test environments at each of our global data centers.

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Maintenance Levels

New Gold Plus Gold Silver Bronze
Available for NetScaler, NetScaler SD-WAN and NetScaler Gateway
Coverage Hours 24x7x365 24x7x365 Business Hours Business Hours
Incidents during each year term Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Software Updates and Bug Fixes 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Return Material Authorization
(RMA) replacement
Advanced replacement for materials [1] Advanced replacement for materials [2] Advanced replacement for materials [2] Standard replacement for materials [3]
Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage Hardware – 1 year
Software – 90 days
Hardware – 1 year
Software – 90 days
Hardware – 1 year
Software – 90 days
Hardware – 1 year
Software – 90 days
Terms Available during a product’s Mainstream Maintenance and Extended Maintenance Phases. Once a product version reaches the End of Life date, security related hot fixes, technical support and product downloads will no longer be available. For more information, please review the ANTHE Product Support Lifecycle Policy.
Gold Plus Program Criteria

With Gold Plus maintenance, the service includes delivery within 4 hours after ANTHE authorizes the issuance of a replacement Product from the Service Center.

This service is only available if the Customer location where the replacement Product will be delivered is within 70 miles of a ANTHE Service Center for locations in the United States, or 50 miles of a ANTHE Service Center for locations outside the United States, and the Customer location and the ANTHE Service Center are located in the same country. Customer is responsible for ensuring that it is located within such radius. Any questions related to ANTHE Service Center locations should be sent to

Customer must submit the physical address of the Product with Gold Plus coverage to immediately after the Product has been installed. Addresses can also be updated by emailing . Such address is the Customer location referred to above where the replacement Product will be delivered.  Any variations to such address will not be accepted at the time of the service request.

Please note:  If the Customer location meets the requirements above but a new ANTHE Service Center needs to be set up, this will require a lead time of up to (6) weeks in the U.S. or three (3) to six (6) months outside of the U.S. prior to Gold Plus Maintenance being available. Customer will receive Gold Maintenance (next business day RMA shipment) for the applicable Products until the ANTHE Service Center is set up.

Some Product components are not available under the Gold Plus Maintenance.

[1] Delivery within 4 hours after ANTHE authorizes the issuance of a replacement product from the service center.
[2] Ships within 1 business day after issuing the RMA number*.
[3] Ships within 10 business days after issuing RMA number*.
* Please note that in countries where regulation requires export approval documentation in advance of RMA shipment, the time for shipment may be longer.

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