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I Can Do That on a Chromebook?!

I Can Do That on a Chromebook?!
I Can Do That on a Chromebook?!

Do yourself a favor: Skip reading this blog post and register for the Chrome & Citrix simplifying VDI strategy webinar NOW.

If you still look at Chromebooks as “throwaway” devices that your kids use to watch their favorite YouTubers or play games then, in the words of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Wait! Did I just reference a 1970’s rock song in a modern tech post?! Be careful, this could be a theme.

You know, you can skip this musically pun-filled blog and just register for the webinar series instead.

Google Chromebook for Enterprise offers a wide range of security features — from the chip up — to give business employees the security they need day in and day out. So much “security” it would make Otis Redding feel secure.

Why are you still reading this? Just register for these demo webinars and end these puns already.

When coupled with the Citrix Receiver for Chrome, available from the Chrome web store or at, employees have the flexibility to use their Chromebooks to access line of business applications and virtual desktops with a native look and feel. Anywhere they want, on any network and from any device. And because all their data and corporate apps are secured in the data center and not on the end point, they can sleep soundly at night.

Did he just say employees were “only sleeping”?

Seriously, you owe it to yourself to register for the webinar now and stop reading this blog.

This marriage of flexibility and security is a match made in heaven. Or better stated, it’s a “stairway to heaven”.

You’ve made it this far; why not just register and learn how other Enterprises are deploying Citrix with Chrome?

To close out this blog post (FINALLY), Citrix and Chrome are “cruisin’” together to bring employees flexibility, security and a great experience with the workspaces they need on the devices they choose.

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