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File Server Evolution

Bring the Cloud Experience to Your File Server
Secure Mobile Access with Windows Security
On-Premise Data with no Cloud Replication
File Versioning, Auditing & Reporting
Controlled Collaboration

Self-Hosted File Sync & Share

Become a Cloud Service Provider
Data Control , Security & Compliance
White-Label Brandable Platform
High Margin Recurring Revenue
Leverage Your Existing IT Investment

File Server Migration

Bring Your File Server Experience to the Cloud
Sync File Shares & Permissions
File Server Retirement
File Server Gateway
Hybrid Cloud for Business Availability

Providing you access methods from any browser, native desktop client, iOS app, Android app and file server. When you are on the road you can use the mobile app to access your files. When you are in the office you can access your files via your remote server access. Even at home access your files at your leisure. Our Services include



SIMPLE USER CREATION – Wizard Setup for user individual user creation

BATCH USER CREATION – Utilize CSV file creation method for multi user creation

DELEGATION AND ADMINISTRATION – Delegate administrators from you master console to your entire organization


FOLDER LEVEL PERMISSIONS – Assign team members to a folder and set folder level permissions for individuals within folders

ENCRYPTION – Data in Transit Encryption based on industry standards. Data security across devices

SHARED ITEM PROTECTION – Protect your items from internal team members and outside external users

TEAM FOLDER PROTECTION – Assignment of read-only access or full control to users. Only show users what you permit


SYNC ANY LOCAL FOLDER TO CLOUD STORAGE – Attach any storage folder to get instant synchronization to your cloud

INSTANT MIGRATION – Save files to your local storage and browse instantaneously from any device

UNIFY FILE SERVER STRUCTURE FROM MULTI SITE – Attach multiple folders from multi servers all appearing under one place


SHARE ENTIRE FOLDERS OR VOLUMES WITH TEAMS – Creation of full file folders and volumes for your team and members

ASSIGN READ-ONLY/FULL PERMISSIONS TO TEAM MEMBERS – Give users full rights and/or limited read-only permissions

FILE LOCKING – Lock files within a folder for security and/or rights

VERSIONING – By default all files have versioning enabled for backup purposes


ACCESS ALL YOUR FILES FROM ANY WEB BROWSER – Access all your files from all major browsers on any device

MAP YOUR STORAGE ACCOUNT AS A NETWORK DRIVE – Set a mapped letter on your desktop to your cloud storage

ACCESS YOUR FILES FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE – Access all your data anytime from any device anywhere

MOUNT YOUR STORAGE ACCOUNT AS A FILE SERVER VOLUME – Migrate your existing infrastructure seamlessly to the cloud

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