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Anthe Solutions is a privately-held USA based software company focused on Cloud Computing.

Anthe Solutions LLC was formed on 01/01/2017

Anthe Solutions is a self-hosted file sharing and mobile access solution. It is built on top of Windows Web Platform, including IIS Web Server, .NET Framework and etc. The installer can install the whole solution from begin to end on a clean Windows 2012/R2/2008 machine in about 30 minutes.

It can connect existing storage services such as Windows File Server and allow it to be used in a sync and share fashion. The most popular use cases such as enable mobile access to windows file server over the Internet; allowing remote PC/Mac to use map drive to windows file server without using VPN; and also allowing multiple branch offices to sync files and folder structure. Basically it allows the best of windows file server and the best of cloud file sharing solution combined together.

The client applications includes windows client, windows server agent, web browser client, iOS/Android clients and other mobile clients and Mac clients.

Anthe Solutions main difference from other file-sync-and-share solution is its ability to create a real drive letter for the folder structure.

Anthe Solutions main difference from other self-hosted solution is its leverage of Microsoft technologies, so to make native Active Directory integration, native NTFS permission integration easy.

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